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Vildana Bratic: Your Visual Storyteller

Vildana Bratic

Unlock the Magic of Editing

Nobody enjoys the chore of editing, but I thrive on it.

I’m Vildana Bratic, a freelance Photo/Video Editor and Graphic Designer based in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since 2010, I’ve dabbled in everything—from graphic and web design to animation and video. But in 2016, I found my sweet spot: photo and video editing.


I’m also part of Trustona Media’s editorial team, working on YouTube channels like and

And guess what? I speak Deutsch too!

Test My Skills: Want to see the magic firsthand? Try my free photo editing trial. Upload your photos (up to 50MB), and I’ll deliver polished results within hours.

For more about me and my experience, visit my LinkedIn page. I look forward to connecting with you!

Best, Vildana 

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