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Jewellery Photo Editing

Move the middle line to reveal before and after photo

Editing jewellery photos

I started editing jewellery photos back in 2014 after making jewellery 

with Gaia Boutique became one of my hobbies. Since I was already a graphic designer and knew my way around Photoshop, making my own photos and editing them seemed like a great idea. But it took some learning experience to understand that jewellery is not only very hard to photograph but also requires a specific way of editing.

What do I do?


Basic correction of exposure, white balance, color correction, contrast and sharpness. Cleaning up the background, if there is some dust or unwanted hairs, as well as removing the background if so specified and delivering photos with transparent background.

Editing appearance of the model wearing jewellery, face, neck, hair, hands.


What kind of raw material do you produce?


I am acquainted with different RAW files, like .cr2 .arw .nef, and
of course .jpg and .tiff.

Gaia Boutique - Promo

Gaia Boutique - Promo

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What kind of end results do you prefer?

Would you like something more than just a bunch of edited files?


Video slideshow

Edited photos can be artfully arranged into promotional video slideshows for you to display on your website or into lovely video memory for your 

customers. Along with specific dates, names, congratulatory

/inspirational messages and alike. Have a look at the video slideshow I made for Gaia Boutique, honouring the International Women's Day.

Promotional poster or brochure

If you want to further promote your jewellery be it online or in print, I have you covered.

Do you have some other idea but don't know how to execute it? 

Contact me and let's work together to make it happen.

Move the middle line to reveal before and after photo

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